weeks 8 & 9 :: 52 weeks

We took a family ski trip during these weeks, where we had such a wonderful mix of family time, new adventures, and soaking in the glorious scenes all around us.



52 weeks :: week 7

There are two of Hayes and his chicks this week because he overcame a fear that he has harbored for years.  He is an animal lover deep in his soul.  He has always loved looking at and learning about animals, but has also a fear of touching or holding them.  It extends to all animals, no matter how big or small and he has always been so very conflicted about it  He *wants* to hold them, to cuddle and pet them.  But this fear has always been in his way.  In the past four weeks with our chicks, he has spent countless hours sitting right by the brooder box, watching and talking to the chicks, all the while trying to convince himself to hold them.  So this week was very big for him.  He overcame his fear and now he is truly in love with cuddling them.  Such a wonderful thing to watch as he exposes his nurturing soul.

harry potter sleepover

Adeline and a few of her close buddies have been very into Harry Potter this year.  She has read the first three books and is currently halfway through the fourth, still loving the story and adventures.  So this year for her birthday party she chose a Harry Potter theme and really pushed for a sleepover (and she really did have to do some convincing because Daddy wasn’t so sure about a co-ed sleepover at first… but in the end their innocence won over and Daddy agreed).  It was such a fun party to plan and host.  We had all the essential equipment and snacks for new Hogwarts students as well as some introductory classes to hone their wizardry skills.  And at 1:00 am, when I put the hush on the dance party plans, everyone finally settled in to sleep!  I’m telling you, seven year olds know how to party!

{platform 9 3/4}

{the wand chooses the wizard}

{the sorting hat}


{charms class}

{wizard wanted posters}

{potions class}

{felix felicis :: the good luck potion}

{the exploding elixir}


{feast in the great hall}

{the wish}

52 weeks :: week 6

This weeks photos are mostly from Adeline’s 7th birthday party.  I will do a separate post with far too many photos from the party soon, but this was by far the highlight of the week.  It was a Harry Potter sleepover party with her four best buddies and we all had way too much fun!  Robert and I adored watching their eyes light up at every turn and listening to their constant giggles!

52 weeks :: week 5

I am giving myself permission to choose more than one photo per week on this project because it is becoming increasingly difficult to narrow it down.  Some weeks I may have only one, but since this project is for my own fulfillment, I am allowed to bend the rules as I choose.  This week I have three pictures that I took, and I included one more that my Adeline took.  I just love the perspective that she took and the emotion she captured.  I definitely need to pass the camera to her more often!