52 weeks :: week 15

Aughtry nursed for the last time this week and it is so bittersweet.  There is something so special in the closeness, the stillness, the connection of nursing my babies that I will always miss.  A special thank you to my dear mother in law for taking these photos for me.  Thank you, Linda!


52 weeks :: week 14

She has worked all year long to master all four of the swimming strokes.  It was a proud day when she graduated.  Just in time for summer swim team, starting up this month!


52 weeks :: week 12

I am behind a few weeks, which I am okay with.  I knew this wouldn’t be a perfect process and sometimes life just gets in the way.  In this case, it was a stomach bug that worked its way through every member of our family.  I do have photos to post from weeks 10 & 11, though.  I’ll fill in those gaps soon enough.  But this week’s photos are all from the little haircut I gave Aughtry.  Technically it wasn’t his first haircut, because I did give him a little trim once before.  But this was his first full haircut.  And oh, how my heart breaks with this first one where once it is finished, they look so much more like a little boy and so much less like a baby.

Another very special thing about these pictures is that my Adeline took all but the last one.  She has gotten so good at handling the camera.  Currently I manage the settings for her, but I love the angles she captures and perspective she brings to the photographs.  Thank you, my dear, for capturing these sweet moments for us!!