Our family made a big move a week ago.  Big to us because it means an end to a long period of indecision.  Many months back we decided it was time to move out of Austin proper, but had absolutely no real direction in mind.  We explored all possibilities, fretted over the pros and cons of every neighborhood we considered, and felt the weight of the implications this decision would have on our lives.  We have always lived close into town, so while moving further out seemed like the right decision for our family, it was a big change.  An unknown.  In the end, we decided upon Lakeway.  After exhaustively considering all the options within Lakeway, deciding upon something, then changing our minds, deciding upon something else, moving forward with that plan, only to change directions yet again… we have finally moved into our new home.  We decided to renovate the house and while a good bit of the work was done before we moved in, there is still much to be done.  Let’s just say it is currently a bit rough around the edges, shall we?  But oh, the joy of feeling settled!  And of knowing that we have made the right decision for our family.  We are all thriving and loving our new home and community.

Bear with me as we are quite busy unpacking and organizing and prioritizing projects that are yet to be completed.  This blog space is new and such a joy for me, but alas, my family is my priority always.  I will be popping in as often as I can manage.  Oh, what wonderful light this home has.  It is a dream to photograph in.  And the empty rooms, *sigh*.  The kids love to play in them, I love to photograph them playing in them.  I may never furnish the dining room.

aughtry wright

Meet our newest love, Aughtry Wright Shelton.  Born September 4, at 4:26 am, I’m quite certain he is the most perfect baby ever to exist, just as his brother and sister were.  At birth he weighed 7 lbs, 15 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long and I assure you we have snuggled and doted over every last bit of him.  We are all desperately in love with him and though he is only three weeks old, it feels as if he has been a part of us forever.  He is love itself and he is more of it than our hearts can contain.  We are truly blessed.


My little love went off to kindergarten this week.  It is such a bittersweet moment for her dada and I.  We love watching her grow up.  Love that she is so independent.  We love watching as her sweet spirit evolves and her world expands.  And yet, my heart ached (and still aches) at the thought of this new life she has outside of us.  It is a good aching, mind you.  One that is accompanied by joy and confidence.  Because I know she is ready.  She is excited.  She is thriving.  In the end, the aching is for me.  A good reminder of how quickly time passes and the importance of savoring every moment.